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Aaron S.

Oregon hunter used rifle, not bow, for record buck - posted 1 year ago

In my opinion he got off way easy. He flat out stole that animal from the state and every other resident of the state. In cases like this where he knew what he was doing was illegal, a 3 year ban from hunting seems like a slap on the wrist. Ya there is the money but I don't think he should be back in the woods for at least 10 years. Thoughts?

Aaron S.

Arizona Big Game Unit 6A - posted 2 years ago

I lucked out an got a call last week that somebody turned their tag in and I was next in line for the Early Archery Bull tag! Haven't spent a whole lot of time in the unit so I'm open to any help from those who have been there before. I know there are a lot of tags so I'm looking for some possible areas to get off the beaten path. Willing to put in the work.

Aaron S.

APPLICATION STRATEGY 2018: New Mexico Elk - posted 2 years ago

Can you please explain that in the section "Understanding the draw" it notes to make sure that your first choice is your most desired hunt but in the "How do I apply if I am only concerned with trophy quality?" section it states to put the hardest draw odd hunt as your first choice and the best draw odd hunt as your 3rd. Isn't it all based on your random application number?