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Anders C.

Make that backpack your own... and put it on a diet - posted 2 years ago

I enjoyed reading this article and I will be doing this to my pack that I have from REI. Every ounce counts when you don't have a budget to go out and spend five hundred on a ULTRALIGHT pack system! I'm trying to find the same cord that you used... any recommendations on where I would find some?

Anders C.

The archer's guide to fletchings - posted 2 years ago

Brady... Man I love this article! Any way we can see what kind of set up you run on your arrows and why! I saw the new off-season video where you guys are going to start doing your own recomendations of products which is awesom! I wanna see how you make your arrows from start to finish! Love what you guys are doing here! Member for life right here!