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APPLICATION STRATEGY 2019: Idaho Elk - posted 3 months ago

(As a non resident) If OTC Idaho is the backup plan to not drawing, when does it make sense to buy the OTC Tag? Put another way, what are my options if I buy the OTC tag, then draw?

Bow protection in the backcountry - posted 6 months ago

Nice article. Very timely in my case.

Oregon Big Game Unit 59 - posted 1 year ago

Gentlemen, Is anyone else trying to figure out how to solo hunt this unit in late Aug? Im stuck with that week due to work (Army), and don't want to have meat spoil or die packing an elk out solo in the heat. Looking to split a drop camp (or something). Sincerely, Brad

How to choose the perfect hunting arrow - posted 1 year ago

Nice job

2018 western hunting application deadlines - posted 2 years ago

Great info. Thanks. I don't understand the two bonus point deadlines for Nevada. You list deadlines of 23 April and 2 July.