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Montana surplus license system crash causes problems for hopeful elk hunters - posted 1 year ago

This is nothing new. They use a company to run their online licensing system which charges a percentage to process everything. For you non residents who can get a license is an absolute gouge on top of another gouge. In saying that I was unable to get a turkey application in for the entire 2 days before deadline on a turkey permit that was “guaranteed” but I had to apply to a system that is proven not to work. Something needs to change or the people who pay the real money will stop coming and go someplace else. 800+ a year for a general elk tag in hopes of drawing a “special permit”? In some of these units I see people talking about the mathematically impossible. A year with 250 permits given in a unit and not even 1 nonresident drawing. Others with over 120 permits over 2 years and only 1 non resident permit?

Wyoming may release grizzly management plan soon - posted 2 years ago

If you were to take into consideration historic range and the percentage any species currently inhabits. We should probably stop hunting most species in this country especially elk. Although in order to manage any species, you have to keep any given population healthy within their current range. Conservation over preservation.

Montana Big Game Unit 700 - posted 2 years ago

There is quite a few block management areas but all will have pressure. There are a couple tiny motels in Jordan but that is it. There are good numbers of deer in parts of this unit but Private/public can be hard to navigate. Also one thing to keep in mind is that there was a massive fire in the western portion of the unit last year.