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Land purchase protects wildlife corridor in Montana’s Kootenai Valley - posted 8 hours ago

So it looks like this land is now a private reserve area controlled by these organizations, along with the other land they have acquired in Canada?

The advantages of salt pills for hunting - posted 1 day ago

Update, the SaltStick pills freaking saved my father and I on our AZ Coues hunt we just completed.

Friday 11-9, I had taken a couple in the morning before heading out. After shooting a buck at a somewhat long distance I had to climb this steep hell hole to recover the buck. We left all out heavy stuff at the base. Once I returned to the base I laid down to rest, then the cramps started to hit, starting in a foot and running up my leg. I popped a couple more pills and downed a liter of water, 15 min later the cramps were gone. It made the mile plus hike to the truck with 1/2 the deer and my heavy stuff (optics water food stove) possible. I upped by dosage for the remainder of the trip and suffered no further cramping.

A few days later while hiking out after an evening of glassing my 75 year old father was struck with nausea and weakness after a climb to a saddle we had to cross. A liter of water 3 Salt-Stick pills and 20 minutes later he was pepped and able to complete the hike out.

What size bipod to use on your hunting rifle - posted 3 weeks ago

My father and I have been doing long range hunting for about 30 years on Coues deer. We have tried lots of different combinations of rests and bipods. We have evolved to keeping a 9in-13in bipod that can be set to swivel and then lock on our rifles. The 9-13 height is a light form factor, can cover almost all angles of shots, is handy to use as a gun rest to set the rifle on the ground, and the locking swivel allows the rifle to be leveled at the moment of truth. Obviously, we have levels on all our long range rifles. Put a usable level on your rifle if you’re shooting over 300 yards regularly at critters and learn to use it.

Hunting in the desert specifically I try to have a supported way to shoot 3 ways that I carry along with me; prone, sitting, and standing. I also carry a medium Phoenix shooting bag and their Tony Bag of Donuts bag to enhance stability when needed.

Lastly, we shoot regularly off these positions and resting device at extended ranges (farther than we’d shoot at a critter). Shooting long range steel is a lot of fun.

The advantages of salt pills for hunting - posted 1 month ago

I had a similar cramping issue while on strenuous Coues deer hunts in 50-75 deg weather. I would hyper-hydrate and consume bananas and straight salt to stop them. My Doctor said the cramps were directly due to a loss of salt in my sweat. Due to this issue I found that a certain percentage of people loose a lot more salt than others so they can quickly get into trouble when performing long periods of strenuous physical hiking and not replenishing directly with salt.

Those cramps can be murderously painful and they keep coming once they get started. I seemed to suffer them the most once I relaxed in camp. I'll be getting some of those pills to use instead of using salt directly. BTW - things like Gatoraid didn't seem to provide any relief at all for me, I guess maybe its too diluted. Straight salt and lots of water was the only thing that worked.

Judge restores federal protections to grizzly bears - posted 1 month ago

I think there will never be enough of a population for most of the people driving the lawsuit. Bears could be killing little kids in the small communities in Wyoming and roaming the streets and it would be enough. Charismatic mega fauna evoke a lot of emotions that cloud the logical part of the mind.