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2019 Colorado high country early rifle mule deer hunt - posted 1 month ago

That's a beauty. Great reward after all the effort to get in there and away from the throng of hikers. What was the altitude where you shot from?

California becomes first state to ban commercial fur trapping - posted 1 month ago

Oh, what's next, they're just warming up. It's sky's the limit now.

Outdoor recreation impacts elk near Vail, CO - posted 1 month ago

This same thing seems to be happening in Arizona, particularly in units 6A and 5A/B. There is constant human presence in these units from hikers, bikers and UTVs. I don't have any science based counts but personal observations have been in the last 10 years I see less and less Elk and the deer have almost disappeared in most of the unit. Driving through the unit at night in the fall you would almost always see Elk but the last two years I've seen very few until the rut was in full swing making them way more active. Sitting a tank this year in the earlier archery deer season we had 6 groups in UTVs come by that were just riding from 4pm to dark.

Is micro-adjust needed on an arrow rest or bow sight? - posted 3 months ago

I thought I recognized that range. Great article thanks.

Colorado considers opening state trust lands to hunting and fishing - posted 3 months ago

Well, one positive move CO is making. Now, if they would cut some openings in their dense forests to improve carrying capacity and remove some of the massive deadfalls all over that state hunting could really be improved.