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Why you need a pair of 12 power binoculars - posted 1 day ago

@Brady, a pair of 8s on a tripod right at day break can be very useful.

Why you need a pair of 12 power binoculars - posted 3 days ago

Good article pointing out the pluses of a set of 12s. When I need a lighter pack I will only take my 29 ounce 12x50 Razors. They are very bright and I can stabilize them by hand for short periods but use a tripod for glassing sessions. If I need more power I add my Leupold 12-40x60 spotter, which only adds 37 ounces. I haven't had a problem locating a killing a Coues deer for the last 4 years. So seeing a big Mule deer or elk isn't a problem. I do carry my 15s still at times, leaving the 12s behind.

ALERT: New bill will severely impact nonresident hunters in WY - posted 1 month ago

It appears WY is trying to come into line with most of the other western states on the NR tag % allocation. Here in AZ we limit NR to 10% on most draws, the sheep work a little different. Going to a 90/10 split is not completely out of bed compared to other western states but the specific language of this initial bill may not be exactly helpful to WY over all. I think WY has a unique situation with the eastern part of the state and antelope. Maybe a species specific allocation and/or on the heavily over prescribed units /species would be better. I agree with people on here that are noticing a large increase in people putting in for hard to draw species. There are not more hunters in the woods on draw hunts but definitely on OTC hunts. I do think this is due to many factors, the information and publicity online is part of it but I think the difficulty of finding affordable places to hunt in the eastern US is also a factor, pushing hunters west into public land. I know a lot of people in TX that have quit hunting due to land access costs. There is no perfect solution I just hope these Game/Fish depts. keep their eye on conservation and keep herds healthy.

Backcountry necessities - posted 4 months ago

Great article. I always have some way to stop bleeding, a way to stay warm, and a way to navigate out. Those are 3 of the most common causes of death in the backcountry, bleeding out, freezing and getting lost. I was glad I had a way to stop bleeding after cutting my hand last year with one of those super sharp replaceable blade knives.

Trio charged with poaching eight mule deer in Colorado - posted 5 months ago

Wow, you go Gary. I was just going to say they should have at least suspended their hunting privileges 2 years for each animal illegally killed, or maybe for life. The fact that they poached them is one thing especially if they needed food and would have eaten them but to out right waste them is lower than even a poacher. I don't have the words for it. Likely they did this for a long time. I guess the only solace is they were caught.