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Building a clothing system for a September elk hunt - posted 2 weeks ago

Another great article. Hunting for Coues deer in Arizona over the years we've tried various pieces, thrown out most stuff but those neck gaiters are a keeper to stop the sun from frying your head and neck while long periods behind glasses. We also started using the shemagh head scarfs to add a layer and manage sun light on the sides of our faces while glassing.

Utah bowhunter attacked by mountain lion - posted 3 weeks ago

@Tommy K, they will euthanize it because its a proven biological fact that once one of these alpha predators, like Bears or African Lions or Cougars, go over the line and attack a person they will repeat the event again and again. The Biologist at the UDWR know this. Next time it might be someone's 4 year old daughter that is out on a hike with her parents that have no other reason to be in the woods other than to enjoy the beauty, that person will likely be killed. So, I guess if you don't care about human life then you'll be yeah, so what.

THROUGH THE BURN - A New Mexico Archery Elk Hunt - posted 1 month ago

Great to the point editing. I think you guys captured what drives elk hunters to pursue these critters with bows. And group double on a very tough hunt. The piece where the elk blindly ran in front of Lorenzo was priceless. Too bad you guys didn't have a deer tag as well. That was a rare Mulie to stumble on.

MOA — Custom Rifles vs Line Production Rifles - posted 2 months ago

I should have said it in my first post but this was a very well done video. I like the second installment very much as well. I have chatted with Aaron some at SCI over the years and really respect his mechanical engineering and shooting knowledge.

That said, I thought about this after I post previously. I think a much bigger distinction would have been drawn if you would have been experimenting with what I consider more typical mass produced rifles ie. $300-$1000 range off the shelf. A $1500-$2000 rifle is not in the normal range for most buyers and is approaching semi-custom rifle cost levels. I have seen the performance on many rifles in the $300-$1000 range and without a lot of reloading effort and usually some trigger or bedding work they will not come close to being more than 300-400 yard rifles. Even my son's $1200 Sako is really only about a 600 yard rifle and they make some of the best mass produced barrels in the world. Ok I'm done ;-) Keep up the good work.

MOA — Custom Rifles vs Line Production Rifles - posted 2 months ago

I would echo Chet's statement. My custom rifles and even rifles that started as factory but had barrels/stock/triggers etc. replaced shoot quality factory ammo better than needed for 95% of hunting conditions. I think along with the more assured accuracy a custom or semi custom gives the shooter a chance to fine tune the choices of stock, trigger, barrel profile, over all gun weight etc. to fit the target use of the firearm. So, you are also paying for the opportunity to make something uniquely yours.