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BEARING THE LOAD - The story behind Mystery Ranch backpacks - posted 1 day ago

Used an MR Pintler for the first time in 2018, fit and comfort level are great and the bag was a perfect size for day hunts. It made heavy loads more stable an less taxing plus the easy overload design was nice to use versus having to completely remove a pack to use the frame as a load hauler. The zippers are the best ones I've experienced compared with lesser packs. I'm sure the other alpha-level packs are equally great but I think MR is right in the hunt.

Wyoming bowhunter starts hunting ethics nonprofit - posted 4 days ago

Rob Shaul, I have killed 5 Wyoming Antelope bucks and 8 Antelope Does and I'm coming back for more, maybe an Elk or a Mulie next time. ;-) With an evil rifle.

Wyoming bowhunter starts hunting ethics nonprofit - posted 4 days ago

This fella just wants all you non-resident (AKA according to Rob Shaul) non-ethical hunters to stay out of his way to make sure he can get what he thinks is HIS hunting area and animals to kill and eat. I think its funny when people refer to traditional weapons or methods like they have some inherent moral value. Hello, McFly ... these "traditional" tools were the Long Range Magnum rifles of their time. A better term would be "Historical Weapons and hunting tools". If you think a native America from 400 years ago wouldn't have grabbed up a Gunwerks 7 LRM and G7 range finder to feed his family and have a little fun if he had them available your naïve at best and nuts at worst.

Like someone else said on here, hunting access and the right to take game on public lands within the established laws in every state belongs to everyone in the world much less every US citizen. If your from Brazil you can legally hunt in Wyoming.

Tips on proper hand placement while shooting a rifle - posted 4 days ago

Also, by not going thumb over it minimizes left or right torque on the rifle avoiding any induced cant. Of course if you have a level on the gun and a locking bipod this will also help. A canted rifle will put you way off target after about 300 yards. I've seen it happen where a shot should have hit home at just over 500 yards but hit 1-2 feet right in the rocks. Those McMillan Game Scout stocks (the entire Game series) are great, I've been shooting one on my LRM for 4 years, makes all the difference prone.

How to pick apart the Arizona terrain for deer - posted 4 weeks ago

A high quality 10x42 steadied on a tripod will do great to see Coues deer under the right circumstances, good light, deer on the move etc. I've done it, but I find more power is usually needed to sort out horns. I've found a good pair of 12x50s and a small spotter, 12-40x60 gold ring in my case, gives me a little more flexibility to find deer bedded in brush or standing still in Ocotillo. Also, if I'm going to a place where I expect to glass farther than 1000 yards I'll usually haul the bigger glass, 15x56s and a 20-60 spotter to allow horn identifying. With my eyes even the 12s run out of gas around 800-1000 yards on identifying horns. But you can get a lot of mileage out of 10s on a tripod, especially early when the deer are moving.