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Backcountry necessities - posted 2 months ago

Great article. I always have some way to stop bleeding, a way to stay warm, and a way to navigate out. Those are 3 of the most common causes of death in the backcountry, bleeding out, freezing and getting lost. I was glad I had a way to stop bleeding after cutting my hand last year with one of those super sharp replaceable blade knives.

Trio charged with poaching eight mule deer in Colorado - posted 3 months ago

Wow, you go Gary. I was just going to say they should have at least suspended their hunting privileges 2 years for each animal illegally killed, or maybe for life. The fact that they poached them is one thing especially if they needed food and would have eaten them but to out right waste them is lower than even a poacher. I don't have the words for it. Likely they did this for a long time. I guess the only solace is they were caught.

2019 Colorado high country early rifle mule deer hunt - posted 4 months ago

That's a beauty. Great reward after all the effort to get in there and away from the throng of hikers. What was the altitude where you shot from?

California becomes first state to ban commercial fur trapping - posted 4 months ago

Oh, what's next, they're just warming up. It's sky's the limit now.

Outdoor recreation impacts elk near Vail, CO - posted 4 months ago

This same thing seems to be happening in Arizona, particularly in units 6A and 5A/B. There is constant human presence in these units from hikers, bikers and UTVs. I don't have any science based counts but personal observations have been in the last 10 years I see less and less Elk and the deer have almost disappeared in most of the unit. Driving through the unit at night in the fall you would almost always see Elk but the last two years I've seen very few until the rut was in full swing making them way more active. Sitting a tank this year in the earlier archery deer season we had 6 groups in UTVs come by that were just riding from 4pm to dark.