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Hunter defends viral mountain lion video and photo - posted 1 week ago

@Dan, mentioning hunting is already too offensive in most social situations. I've been living with attacked on FB for years, Lordy they cried and wailed when I posted a bobcat pict and safari Picts. I'm not against putting up Picts on Facebook I'm saying we all need to do it in a way that we speak our story and history of 100+ years of successful conservation in the US to the 80% that are non-hunters but are not against it necessarily. Like it or not those people will have a big say in the continuation of hunting period, just remember what the population centers in Canada just did to grizzly hunting. From Francesca's post we see that she didn't intend to share her Picts to the world it slipped out due to the unforeseen technical complexities of FB. So the lesson is be more careful about what you're doing on these platforms. Post information about hunting as a conservation tool. Tell the real story, control the narrative, because if you don't some wild eyed anti is going lie and whip up the masses and right or wrong hunting is damaged in the non-hunters mind again.

And I'll say it again, mountain lion is delicious I wish I could take one every year. Looks like there's a bunch in CO, guess a road trip is in order.

Hunter defends viral mountain lion video and photo - posted 2 weeks ago

I think both Scott and Tanner are correct. The appeal has to be to the large percentage of people that are indifferent about hunting for game meat. You will never satisfy or change the small percentage that are virulently opposed to hunting under any circumstances. Franchesca and her partners could have worked harder to take a much better grip and grin photo, but that will never satisfy the hardcore antis. I have recently heard some very good advice and pointers on photography and video that can help nullify some hardcore groups efforts by showing hunting in a different light and think if we want to manage this and keep our hunting rights we will need to start doing this on a large scale or just get off social media all together. You know, we lived in this country and hunted without social media for the large portion of the existence of the North American model being in place. We could do it again. If you want to hear that good advice listen to Jay Scotts Western Hunting & Fishing podcast #543 interview with Ryan Olsen. Ryan has some very good advice on capturing your hunts.

BTW - Mountain lion is delicious. I'd rather have one of them every year instead of a deer.

Texas hunter grabs national attention with rare Pakistan mountain goat - posted 1 month ago

Yeah, Erik S the antis are going to slam the guy for posing with the animal. He could have done a better PR job and maybe he did but the press just locked on this one photo and ignored any of the conservation good his money did. I haven't looked into the story more than what was published here. Maybe if his intent was to support these animals and the conservation around them he should have considered hiring a PR company that could have filmed the trip and all the good that was likely done by the cost of the hunt. Then they could have released those photos and videos and he could have kept the grip and grin photos to himself.

Texas hunter grabs national attention with rare Pakistan mountain goat - posted 1 month ago

This is such a huge win for the people in Pakistan. Pakistanis earn $1513 a year on average Per capita income, so taking the full amount that pays about 10000 people for an entire year. I hope they bank some of it for future conservation and use some to improve the carrying capacity of the land the Astor markhor live in because as we know from similar efforts here in the US improved carrying capacity ie. solid clean water sources help all the wildlife not just the game animals.

BEARING THE LOAD - The story behind Mystery Ranch backpacks - posted 2 months ago

Used an MR Pintler for the first time in 2018, fit and comfort level are great and the bag was a perfect size for day hunts. It made heavy loads more stable an less taxing plus the easy overload design was nice to use versus having to completely remove a pack to use the frame as a load hauler. The zippers are the best ones I've experienced compared with lesser packs. I'm sure the other alpha-level packs are equally great but I think MR is right in the hunt.