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ALERT: New bill will severely impact nonresident hunters in WY - posted 1 month ago

My prediction is, 1. state revenues over-all will drop, 2. costs will increase from out of control populations, 3. food supplies will go down, 4. animals will suffer... who wins here? They are dropping a dime to pick up a nickel. This Bill is surprising coming from an alleged Republican from Carbon County.

Arizona Big Game Unit 5BS - posted 1 year ago

Trophy quality and bull numbers have been in decline for a couple of years now.

Wyoming Antelope Unit 113 - posted 1 year ago

Here's another tip for hunting Wyoming. If you want to fit in with the culture, when ordering a cup of coffee in a small rancher town, never ask for cream. The diner goes quiet, chairs screech as they are pushed away from the table, and I might have even heard "get a rope"... Drink it black.

Wyoming Antelope Unit 113 - posted 1 year ago

Brian D., We used , the app version, I think it's like $99/year or so. You can have up to five states at a time on your phone. If you go to the SW Corner of 113, I cannot recall the road that borders the south, but heading east there is an obvious turn in by where the oil rigs are. Snake left on that road. Park, and walk. If you follow the fence line heading North, keep moving West as it boxes to the West, into the BLM land. We went in on foot. You can see the ranch land as you are facing West, and the hills are peppered with Antelope. They come down and somehow make it through the ranchers low fencing (don't get me started) and on to public land. Be patient. We hunted the whole unit, where we could, and that SW corner seemed to be the spot.

Wyoming Antelope Unit 113 - posted 1 year ago

The Wyoming Game & Fish Dept. posts historical 2d draw info. It looks like 113 last year did not have tags in the 2 draw, but who knows, they may have some this year...