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8 people just won a Traeger Tailgater Pellet Grill - posted 1 year ago

Congratz on your mew Traegers ... way to go goHUNT !!

Arizona Big Game Unit 20A - posted 1 year ago

Maybe I spoke to soon as we have a weather rolling in and we are slated for rain and thunderstorms for the next week and a half. And a coworker said she has been scouting unit 9 for 2 weeks now and said the ranchers have set up stock tanks and randomly filling water holes.

Arizona Big Game Unit 20A - posted 1 year ago

I hunted unit 9 last year the last half of August and it was very dry the majority of the water holes were dry but on the north (central part) end of the unit there were water holes which I believe were being filled by water tankers. Snow fall this past winter was laughable and the rain fall … well thus far has been little to none.
Unit 20A has several lakes dispersed in it and several creeks that have minimal water during most of the year. There are many road hunters so if you're not afraid of a hike you will not see much foot traffic as long as you head away from the road ways. To close to the road ways you'll be distracted by rattling chassis and the drone of ATV's creeping about. There is a bit of deer traffic over the mountain range from Goldwater lake toward Lynx lake early morning and late evening.