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Kansas considers increasing cost of hunting and fishing licenses - posted 5 months ago

This bill is already dead and this wasn’t for a license increase. It was to raise the cap so that the department could raise fees as needed in the future.

Montana Big Game Unit 212 - posted 10 months ago

Peter, I just returned from the unit. I am told there are lots of black bears but grizzly bears are rare. As far as road access, there are no roads that you can really get a vehicle through in the unit. Most of the roads are pretty much impassable even with a utv.

Montana Big Game Unit 212 - posted 1 year ago

I don't see anywhere in the Montana Regs where it states "Valid district-wide EXCEPT north of Boulder Creek and west of Gold Creek." as shown in your description. Is this correct? If so where did this info come from?

Overview of Wyoming’s license fee changes for 2018 - posted 1 year ago

The WGFD website has the special Elk price listed at $1283 not $1335.

A vaccine for CWD? - posted 1 year ago

quote from a D&DH article. “ Today, 99 percent of scientists believe prions cause CWD – Dr. Frank Bastian isn’t one of them.”. Now this article makes sense.