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California's lead ammo ban in effect July 1 - posted 5 months ago

CA is such a beautiful state it's a shame their culture is so anti hunting it's even infected FWP.

Colorado cracks down on illegal shed hunting - posted 7 months ago

I agree with eliminating or restricting the sale of sheds. Going shed hunting with your kids is one of the best ways to introduce them to the outdoors. In the east animal pressure is not as critical since winters are milder but it's become a race to grab the sheds before they even hit the ground. Trespassing is a huge issue in our area and most of the places I used to find sheds have dozens of sets of boot tracks even though the landowner hasn't given anyone permission.

Oregon hunter used rifle, not bow, for record buck - posted 9 months ago

I agree. Ohio assesses a trophy fee for any illegal animal over a certain score. $500 plus $100 per inch as scored.