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Prepare and you can elk hunt every year for less than $1,500 - posted 2 months ago

Not an elk hunt but I've hunted Mule deer several years in the west for less than $1000 per person driving from Ohio. This is with 4 people splitting the gas bill. We tent camp so your gas mileage won't suffer pulling a trailer. No fast food or garbage gas station snacks. Track your expenses and make a game of what you can do to decrease them. My wife knows I'm saving every penny I can on the hunt and doesn't complain that I go every year.

CPW increases hunting and fishing revenue by almost 20% - posted 2 months ago

I'm looking on the bright side. Higher cost = less applicants = less point creep

Ohio wants hunters to take CWD check stations seriously - posted 3 months ago

I'm an Ohio hunter and unfortunately most hunters I know don't take this seriously. The ODNR still allows baiting as well. In my opinion this should be their first step in preventing the spread of CWD.

Trio charged with poaching eight mule deer in Colorado - posted 5 months ago

Fine is far too low. My home state of Ohio has done a good job with this by fining people over 10000 for a single buck and large bucks in my area no longer mysteriously disappear
r like they used to

California's lead ammo ban in effect July 1 - posted 10 months ago

CA is such a beautiful state it's a shame their culture is so anti hunting it's even infected FWP.