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APPLICATION STRATEGY 2019: Wyoming Elk - posted 10 months ago

Trail--- I actually also contacted WGFD and was told that the points will not be automatic after the draw with the fee taken out of the refund. Apparently you need to go back in over the summer and apply for your point if you don't draw.
Here is the response from WGFD:

"The draw system automatically checks to see if you have points and if you do, it automatically takes them into account.. IF you do not draw, we will be keeping the $15 application fee and refunding the rest back to your credit card. To get another preference point you will need to come back to our website this summer during the preference point application period which is July 1 through October 31. For elk, we do not automatically take the money and award the point, the sportsmen have to choose to spend the money and get a point. The check box you are remembering was removed from the applications this year.

WGFD License Section"

APPLICATION STRATEGY 2019: Wyoming Elk - posted 10 months ago

So this year, unlike the previous 3 years, when I applied for my general tag in the drawing, there was no option to elect for a preference point nor use my existing PP's, with my application as there has always been. I see you report the PP fee in the total fees, but I am under the impression that they will just take the PP fee out of the returned application fee should I not draw this year. If I missed something can you please let me know so I can go back and amend my application. I have 3 PP's going into the draw this year and I need to make sure they are getting used. Thanks.

Trail Kreitzer’s 2018 Wyoming archery elk hunting gear list - posted 1 year ago

Trail-- One question I wanted to pose is that in your pics and your elk hunt with Lorenzo in NM you cook and eat right at your bivy site and don't appear to hang your food away from where you are sleeping for the night. Do you not worry about any of this unless you are in grizzly territory? I have always erred on the side of doing it even in black bear territory, especially as a solo hunter, but I wanted to hear you perspective on it. Thanks for the gear list.

APPLICATION STRATEGY 2018: Montana Elk - posted 1 year ago

MT confuses me, so hopefully you can straighten me out. I bought a PP in 2017 for elk. I don't plan on hunting MT in 2018 either, so, with that PP in hand for a future general tag, should I apply for just a bonus point from here on out to accumulate those for limited quota apps? Say next year I want to get a general tag, can I put the general tag as my 1st choice and cash in my 1 PP or would I lose bonus points I have saved as well?

Draw Odds Now Updated For 2018 - posted 1 year ago

I guess the 100% draw odds gohunt had for me going into the 2018 WY general elk tag draw aren't part of the enhanced accuracy, as I somehow didn't draw. This membership sure is paying off so far.....