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Trump signs monumental public lands bill into law - posted 1 week ago

Can anybody expand on the "makes all federal land open to hunting, fishing and recreational shooting unless otherwise noted" portion of this bill?

Arizona Big Game Unit 27 - posted 2 months ago

Jacob B.
That sounds like you had a good time. Can’t wait to hunt it for myself. I hear great things about the elk population in this unit.

Michael O.
I’m assuming you hunted the early season. Are you going to make it out for a late season?
Was the deer country far and few between or seem like good country all over?

Arizona Big Game Unit 27 - posted 2 months ago

@Jacob B & Michael O. How did your hunts go this year?

Arizona Big Game Unit 6B - posted 2 months ago

Does anybody know the reason why there was no archery tag given to the non-residents for ‘16&’17?
Also I see the stats for ‘18 are available however nothing in the tag allocations?

Arizona Big Game Unit 19A - posted 2 months ago

I am curious if anybody has any intel on the issue of the private land limiting access to state ground that antelope inhabit. Is it more of an inconvenience to work around or does it affect the quality of the hunt?
Is this only an issue in the area near Prescott or throughout the entire unit?