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Pope & Young announces Big Game Records Search database - posted 7 months ago

Call me crazy but I think this database should be free to access the whole thing if you are a P&Y member? Call it a perk of your membership.

Trump signs monumental public lands bill into law - posted 8 months ago

Can anybody expand on the "makes all federal land open to hunting, fishing and recreational shooting unless otherwise noted" portion of this bill?

Arizona Big Game Unit 27 - posted 10 months ago

Jacob B.
That sounds like you had a good time. Can’t wait to hunt it for myself. I hear great things about the elk population in this unit.

Michael O.
I’m assuming you hunted the early season. Are you going to make it out for a late season?
Was the deer country far and few between or seem like good country all over?

Arizona Big Game Unit 27 - posted 11 months ago

@Jacob B & Michael O. How did your hunts go this year?

Arizona Big Game Unit 6B - posted 11 months ago

Does anybody know the reason why there was no archery tag given to the non-residents for ‘16&’17?
Also I see the stats for ‘18 are available however nothing in the tag allocations?