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INSIDER Rebuild Now Live For 2019! - posted 5 months ago

While we're dropping ideas, here's one. Expand on the profile system to allow us to enter how many points we have in whatever states, what dates/seasons we anticipate being able to hunt, and what species(s) we are most interested in. Then the system poops out what it thinks would be the optimal hunts to apply for with varying levels of certainty for drawing tags.

So if I 100% can hunt elk for one week in september but don't know what state or HD to apply for, I enter all my states Id be interested in and how many points I have then Insider gives me my best options. Basically taking all the manual work of the Filtering system and automating it, then having Filtering there to do further research.

Then maybe an interactive calendar that tracks what hunts you're planning, and a shopping cart of sorts that keeps track of how much you're planning on spending on apps/tags/licenses for that year and pings you when something important that you've expressed interest in has a deadline coming up. So rather than having to fill out sticky notes on my desktop its all in one spot on goHunt.

Rare caribou spotted in northwest Montana - posted 8 months ago

Just want to post a link to a great film about the struggling Selkirk herd. Highly recommend giving it a watch.

Idaho Big Game Unit 36A - posted 1 year ago

Am i correct in saying that you can shoot a doe with a general tag in archery season?

20 people just won a Klymit Sleeping Bag - posted 1 year ago

Werent they suppose to be 0 degree bags?