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July INSIDER Giveaway: 8 Traeger Tailgater Pellet Grills - posted 1 year ago

Were the winners ever picked for this?

Reflections after a grizzly bear encounter: Thanks, Apologize, Accept - posted 2 years ago

You guys did the right thing in defending yourselves against that bear. You only get one bluff charge, so taking extreme action was warranted and proper. I'm happy the outcome resulted in shaken, but otherwise healthy hunters!!

Colorado Springs contemplate the idea of an urban hunting program - posted 2 years ago

I live just outside Madison, WI and we have urban archery-only deer hunts by special draw permit in select county parks. It's fantastic hunting on some big chunks of ground that have nice deer populations. They're tough hunts, but a lot of fun!

Ex-marine guilty of poaching Colorado mule deer, guiding illegally - posted 2 years ago

The hammer of justice can be quite heavy!! Wow. I'm happy he was caught!

APPLICATION STRATEGY 2017: Nevada Deer, Elk, Antelope - posted 2 years ago

Trail - You're absolutely right. Your comment jogged my memory. I only applied for goats in the 2nd draw that year, not both as I thought. I didn't get a tag from the 2nd draw, but it gave me 2 points in the 2009 draw when I got the same tag I had as a non-resident in 2007.

Geez. Getting old is a bugger!!