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Ryan M.

What happened to mule deer in Colorado and what does the future hold? - posted 5 days ago

Super interesting, Brady. Thanks for taking the time to break all this down. I'm not sure I buy that mule deer hunting has tanked...YET. I still think perhaps it was just a tough year. In units on opposite sides of the state, my buddies and I saw a number of nice bucks during the 4th season. That said - I completely agree with your analysis in the application strategy article on Colorado Deer. They are about to get hammered this year and next.

I also completely agree with @Robert T. on the impact of OTC elk hunting (Hey Bob!). That's gotta change sooner rather than later. I'd encourage anyone with concerns about these issues to email the CPW Commission at​. There's a lot of good feedback here that I think they'd appreciate hearing.

Ryan M.

ALERT: New bill will severely impact nonresident hunters in WY - posted 1 month ago

I can't imagine this bill has much chance of getting passed. I don't see that it's with a specific committee yet...when it is, I'll be emailing the legislators on that committee. I'd encourage anyone else to do the same. If this thing somehow passes, there will be a run on the bank to burn points and get out.

Ryan M.

New executive order helps Colorado big game - posted 6 months ago

Thanks, @Eddie K. Some really cool guy took it for me. And then helped pack the moose out.

Ryan M.

New executive order helps Colorado big game - posted 7 months ago

Gary H., the funding will come from hunters and anglers. CPW supports migration corridor conservation through the use of hunting and fishing license fees. Funds also come from Great Outdoors Colorado, which is funded through lottery ticket sales.