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Mystery Ranch winners announced: 10 people won Selway 60 backpacks - posted 1 year ago

Congrats to All especially StHealthy! Let us know how it is compared to XO!

California deer hunting tag classifications and changes - posted 2 years ago

Thanks Mike N. Would it be the same in D6? This must be the difference between restricted and non restricted.

California deer hunting tag classifications and changes - posted 2 years ago

it is super confusing. If i put in for the draw to get an x zone with first choice, and i dont draw and on my second choice i put in for a d3-5 tag then i loose my points right? So no matter i see it as on August 2nd we try and get the restricted tags because they will sell out. I hunt Cali and it used to be great in the 70's and 80's when i was with grandpa and uncles. lots of changes but we just have to find a way. Thanks Go Hunt, it a little easier with your help.

California Elk Zone 4 - posted 2 years ago

Fishing big Eagle Lake Trout is awesome. They are large!

California Deer Zone X-6b - posted 2 years ago

I hunted this zone as a kid with my grand father and uncles. Have not hunted it since 92. Mountain lions have killed a lot of deer and have made them really hard to find. California has not has a decent wild life guy since Jack Parnell and he believed in killing lions. No one wants to speak of the wolves that have moved in and friends that i speak to up there say they are there and are alive and well. Rednecks rule up there. I think they will begin to do the work the DFG won't do. As i recall when the alfalfa fields that are right along 395 are there the deer would come down the mountains and feed there then head back up. On the Nevada side, but still in Cali, it is called Fort Sage. There is a spring way up on top and now that i have hunted the west and own a really good spotter that is the place. You will be close to the border of N and as i recall game wardens were there every time we got up on top. But i remember seeing huge bucks up there. Where the fires have burned has always been good so thank ONx and go for it. They are there. Oh...Dixie Mountain game refuge is right where a lot of deer are. Not hunt able....but when the storm comes early in October they flood out and head for Honey Lake flat area where the deer winter. Yo Go Hunt thanks for setting up California. At least we know the odds now.