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Idaho Moose Unit 51 - posted 1 year ago

Taylor G - This ended up being a difficult hunt, but in the end it worked out just the way I wanted it to. I hunted hard for 9 days before I ever even saw a moose, so when I finally got a chance I shot the very 1st bull I had an opportunity on. I was able to call him in close and take him with my bow, which was exactly the way I hoped it would happen. I didn't have anything to measure him with, but would estimate that he was ~ 32" wide, so no monster but a good representative bull for the unit.

Idaho Moose Unit 51 - posted 1 year ago

I drew the only NR Bull Moose tag available for this unit! Beyond excited! This is basically a one-in-a lifetime tag for me whether or not I punch it, so I want to make the most of my opportunity. I am ideally Hoping to connect with anyone that has hunted this Unit 51 Moose tag in the past. But, even if you haven't hunted moose here (few have) but have some experience in the area, then I would love to connect with you. Also, if you will be hunting in this area in the Fall, let me know! I could use some extra eyes out there!

New Mexico plans to eliminate 50 more bighorn sheep - posted 1 year ago

This probably the 1st time I've ever agreed with the stance of an "Environmental Group". I'm not a sheep hunter, but I would love to be. I'm sure the issue is extrememly complex, but I have always wondered the same thing? So much is poured into protecting these fragile wild sheep, but mostly we are protecting them the dangers of interaction from domestic sheep. It looks so simple to me. Stop putting the domestic sheep in that environment. Problem solved. Again, I'm sure there is a lot more at work here that I don't understand. What is the other side of the argument? Is it just a money thing? Do states get huge amounts of revenue off of the grazing rights for domestic sheep? I'd truly like to understand this much better.

The 12 Days of INSIDER giveaway: Three MSR FlyLite Tents - posted 2 years ago

Congrats guys!