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The archery practice plan for the offseason - posted 1 year ago

Great article, Trail. It's so easy just to go through the motions. I'm gonna try and implement some purpose into my routine.

Colorado doesn’t want wolves - posted 1 year ago

@Eddie K., your comment about small sample surveys being potentially misleading has some merit. For sake of conversation, we'll just focus on sample size effects (we could also discuss many other things, like design effects, etc.) Small samples have a greater margin of error, than larger samples. Your Trump example is interesting and has been the topic of much good debate. I think some would argue that the polls did what they were designed to do....predict the popular vote. Perhaps pollsters should do a better job of translating popular votes to electoral votes?

Colorado doesn’t want wolves - posted 1 year ago

@Hugh M., regarding your comment...."most likely 99% of the residents weren't polled so that tells you how effective that is." Sample surveys are predicated upon a random selection of the population of interest. (in this case, residents of Colorado). If done properly, even a small sample of say, 500 to 1,000 residents, would have been sufficient. It is extremely unlikely that either the state of Federal gov't would have paid for a 1% sample (which would have been nearly 57,000 residents). Nor, is it necessary.

Having said that, we don't have wolves in Texas, so I don't have a dog in the fight. Best of luck with your crusade to keep them out.

March INSIDER giveaway: 5 head-to-toe sets of First Lite - posted 2 years ago

I understand that, when you wear First Lite apparel, you immediately experience thinning hair on the cranium and intense 'stache growth. This is a rare condition referred to by the medical community as Callaghanism.