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The science behind the mule deer rut - posted 3 years ago

Dave the article was great and right on. Heading to the North Kaibab for the late hunt this week. Your article was great reading as I am getting ready to roll. Nothing better than the late Kaibab for rutting bucks as you know well. Keep this good stuff coming.

The impact of Arizona’s 2016 draw change - posted 3 years ago

Dave well written my friend! Keep up the good work at GoHunt, keeping it real and up to date. As you can imagine, it is my number one discussion right now with our clients. Of course clients with all of the points didn't like the change and the ones that were in the lower end think it is the best change ever. The two examples that you gave are the two extremes in the draw process that have the highest non-resident applications as you know. The Strip has made a huge bottle neck in the non-resident deer draw process. Right now deer applicants with max points are made up of 136 non residents vs. 4 residents. With 13 total non-resident strip tags (13A and 13B rifle tags) going out in the past it would take approximately 10 years to get that tag, now that goes to 20+ years with the new draw process. Actually for a few years there were more non-residents coming into the max bonus point pool each year than those coming out because of hunters getting their hunter education point so it was even prolonging the process further. The problem is without max points you had zero chance in the past 10 years to draw a strip tag, zero chance. I am not sure that it was wise to change the whole Arizona system just to deal with a few select units. There were many publications never telling hunters that they had no chance at this tag so people were buying a non-resident license and putting in for those tags and had zero chance of draw. We have been telling people about the option to hunt the Kaibab if they didn't have max for years. It is a great mule deer option. If you are interested I wrote an article about the differences in these two hunts a few months ago here on GoHunt.
The biggest thing that I like about this change is it greatly improves the hunter recruitment into our great sport for young hunters or others just starting to get interested in coming to Arizona to hunt. Hunters are no longer seeing Arizona as a ONE and DONE state. Quality tags across the west are just hard to draw, that is not going to ever change. Don't get discouraged! Just keep applying, get a tag and come to Arizona and go hunting. Just my two cents.

Ways to save money to afford your dream hunt - posted 4 years ago

Dave, I am up for doing what ever is needed if I could kill a bear like yours, man what a bear! Good article buddy. People need to save so they can come to Arizona and hunt with High Point Outfitters! Kevin

Making the most out of your hunts - posted 4 years ago

Kody, Love the first picture. Great fishing spot in my home state! Enjoy the Arizona archery hunt, that is a fun time of year to be out with nothing else going on. Good luck this year, you will make it happen!

How to get creative with your man cave - posted 4 years ago

Some great ideas for sure! Thanks for the article. Love the framed tags, gave me a good idea.