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Wild horse roundup in Idaho - posted 1 month ago

Before everyone jumps on the invasive species bandwagon, are you saying that all Pheasants should be removed, and that Rainbow Trout should be removed from the water?

Wild horse roundup in Idaho - posted 1 month ago

Thanks yes I am aware of the adoption program and have had many of them over the years. They are great mountain horses if you train them right and recognize that they are wild animals. I have never had the opportunity to own one that came from my home state of Idaho as there are only a few herds here and they are kept in balance with the range for the most part leaving only a few up for adoption every few years. I am going to try to get one out of the current roundup.

That is extremely ignorant to say that all wild horses are bad. They are iconic of the American west and a symbol of our American heritage and our explorative spirit. That said wild horses are a huge problem in the American west due to mis-management and "Horse Huggers". My personal opinion is that management should be turned over to the Fish and Game and manage them like every other wild animal. Their numbers need to be kept in check and putting thousands of wild animals a year in feedlots is not the answer. It would be more humane as you put it to shoot some of the individuals that exceed the management objective, or god forbid send them to slaughter rather than cage a wild animal that will live 20-30 years in misory missing the freedom they once knew. If they are so valuable that they need to all be kept alive why is their such a shortage of adopters?

Wild horse roundup in Idaho - posted 1 month ago

I want to adopt one.

Recent gray wolf sightings in Colorado - posted 5 months ago

Might help with CWD but how will Wildlife and Parks make up the lost income from tag sales. Any ballot measure needs to deal with the lose of funding from tag sales. Will residents pay higher taxes to make up the funding?

Wyoming lawmakers reintroduce legislation to delist grizzlies - posted 9 months ago

Too bad this won't go anywhere.