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Groups file intent to sue over governmental plans to kill 72 grizzlies - posted 2 months ago

700 my ass! There are more grizzlys than that.

Montana moves forward with grizzly bear management plan for Northern Continental Divide Ecosystem - posted 1 year ago

Would be nice to see penalties reduced for shooting a bear in self defense. Bear spray is a joke. If the bears where shot at on a regular basis there would be fewer encouneters. Same goes for home invasions. Grizzlys have no fear of humans at this point. They hunt archery elk hunters . It’s a proven fact. The anti hunters view bears and all animals for that matter as more important than hunters, yet they have done very little to protect habitat as outdoorsman have. I purpose a hiking tax at the same level as outdoorsman have. Our license fees/taxes and passion for the outdoors and wildlife have preserved land and wildlife. If they had to pay $500.00 to legally hike just like we all do it would go a long way in preserving habitat. It might even motivate them to work or if they already do get a second job and contribute $ like the rest of us do. They might not even have time to protest because they have to work like the rest of us.

Montana bowhunter kills grizzly bear in self defense - posted 1 year ago

Grizzlies belong in national parks and that’s it.

5 key techniques for bowhunting October elk - posted 2 years ago

I'm heading to Montana the first week in October. Snow is forecasted and your article sure gave me hope to find the elk as well as the comments that the rut is late again this year. I'm really hoping to be able to avoid the crowds. That is why I chose October over the September hunt. Maybe it will be a nice one two punch.