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UT lawmaker proposes bill that would target predator populations to help game - posted 2 months ago

I am a Nevada resident and have been building points for 16 years in Utah with the dream of one day very soon archery hunting Mule Deer and Elk in Utah.
I am also a Biologist, and I trust the Utah Division of Wildlife for their expertise.
Given that the State Wildlife divisions are tasked w managing wildlife within the State, I know they appreciate the considerable funding that comes from Hunters in and out of the state which helps pay for conservation of wildlife in that State. In addition it is well documented that they utilize scientific data, appropriate models, and input from hunters and users of the wild lands to make their recommendations.
It is clear that population estimates for ungulates are below objectives based on carrying capacity, winter range, fawn recruitment and scientific data and surveys by the Wildlife agency.
Unfortunately, some groups believe they know more than the trained Biologists and Wildlife Professionals whom are tasked with stewardship and these groups often block reasonable efforts at balancing species that share a common environment. It is clear they do not want more deer available "for hunters to shoot" despite some of them purporting to NOT be anti-hunting.
If you bring up the unethical practice of allowing Predators to over populate beyond the appropriate carrying capacity or objective and the negative effect on other species this fact will be readily dismissed by the fringe groups. Typically they respond w unreasonable law suits and misinformation in an effort to block well developed and reasonable management plans by the Wildlife Division.
I applaud HB-125 and efforts to bring back common sense answers and efforts at reeling in the "predators above all else" mentality and restoring a viable and ethical wildlife balanced plan.

New bill could make wolf hunting year-round in Idaho - posted 2 months ago

My two sons and I hunted otc Archery Idaho Elk the past two years. Great country and beautiful, and we did finally get into elk and had a blast despite not harvesting!
I had never seen a wolf in the wild until this year there.
We saw 2 wolf kill piles and saw a wolf Mom w 3 of her pups in the small area we hunted.
I applaud Idaho's effort to bring the wolf population back in to balance.
I hope other states follow along.
For those interested there is a grass roots organization in Idaho called
Foundation for Wildlife Management (
that raises money to help reimburse some of the cost of trappers and hunters whom harvest a wolf. Their motto I believe is "Saving Idaho's wildlife through predator management". I just joined to support this appropriate swing of the pendulum back to managing both predators and game animals.
Mike P , Nevada