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Idaho Big Game Unit 20 - posted 2 weeks ago

Trail K. Soild info right there.

September giveaway winners announced: 10 people just won a First Lite Catalyst clothing kit - posted 2 weeks ago

I'm pretty sure you got my city and state wrong! :)

“Tahrmageddon” imminent in New Zealand unless hunting groups can stop it - posted 3 weeks ago

Hunters here are starting to sound like the animal rights activist going against science on predator management in the States. If the biologist think its necessary to cull the non natives out then it probably is....I have no nothing about New Zealand other than almost everything there is not native.

It's time to support the Land and Water Conservation Fund - posted 3 weeks ago

Right on, thanks for helping spread the word Gohunt!

New state record bull elk in Kansas? - posted 1 month ago

"The next day, DJ Klenklen bought an elk tag with a mission...."

Wait what? you can just buy a OTC elk tag in Kansas now? :)