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Proposed development in Colorado could harm bighorn sheep herds - posted 6 days ago

LOL at keep sheep away by building a berm. Here is a thought, pay your workers higher wages so they can afford to live there. Tourism and the rich always think they are higher priority than habitat and native wildlife. If/when there is a petition against the development please post up here.

Nevada’s wild horse population hits all-time high - posted 3 weeks ago

I wish we lived in a logical society and they just let people who have to consume the meat hunt them. Or at least get some huge charity organization to fund a month a year of butchering this cheap/free meat for the homeless. But thanks to Hollywood everything is majestic (which I think horses are too) to be born a feral pig instead of a feral horse :)

Colorado approves access to state trust lands - posted 3 weeks ago

Chris -

"In August, Colorado Parks and Wildlife will announce where the new accessible lands are located."

Proposed wildfire breaks detrimental to wildlife and habitat - posted 1 month ago

This plan is sickening. Destroying the environment to "save" the environment makes no sense. Where can the public comment on this?

Feral dogs threaten bighorn sheep in Nevada - posted 1 month ago

It hard to kill or eradicate any animal(s) if you're a compassionate human being, but for the sake of all native wildlife I hope they eradicate every single feral dog, horse, mule, etc. in this region.