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Resilient - posted 2 weeks ago

Best hunting article yet, thanks for sharing. Great shooting, good to see people with confidence and the preparation leading up to a long distance shot like that.

California's lead ammo ban in effect July 1 - posted 1 month ago

Lead poisoning is a real thing, especially for raptors and carrion birds. Ive seen first hand x rays of birds and more importantly deer/elk carcasses after being shot by lead. Lead fragments like no other, one shot in the chest and a raptor can ingest lead from any part of the carcass. Now with that said, populations aren't necessarily suffering directly due to lead poisoning...Cars, telephone wires, wind turbines, etc kill a lot too (probably more). But saying lead poisoning isnt a fact is just foolish. Not a way to win your argument against using copper ammo. Ive killed many game with copper and never an issue out to 500 yards. Stop complaining about the price when you will only use a handful amount of rounds a year for your one or two deer tags in CA. Last season I used 3 rounds on 3 kills, two deer and an elk. But by all means complain about $20 more a box of ammo while you drive your 60K truck. Use lead all you want at the range.

NDOW charges two Idaho men with poaching mule deer - posted 1 month ago

Thats the face of a man that says "well, shit I am an idiot." They should make one part of the sentence 200 hours of conservation/habitat work towards Nevada Mule deer.

California's lead ammo ban in effect July 1 - posted 1 month ago

Aaron, you are spot on with the DFW Wardens we have. There may be a few good ones left, but the majority Ive dealt with are over zealous to say the least. Ive had guns drawn on me for just hiking out of public land at night with a headlamp for absolutely no legitimate reason. They put these young inexperienced kids out there that have a chip on their shoulder from being bullied in high school, or so it seems. Other western states Ive had all good encounters. Don't get me started on Monterey County... I have been using Copper for 10 years in Azone (required by law) and never once been inspected on my ammo but many other things. Most guys I know still shoot lead in the Condor zones and have never had a problem but I like Copper so I dont stress over it. I do think, however, it shouldnt be law but a voluntary process.