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Are protections necessary to ensure ethical use of GPS data? - posted 6 days ago

Really sad that this is even an issue. I hope I never cross paths with another hunter that tells me his/hers success is from calling FWP for GPS locations. Hopefully they can put protections in place ASAP.

2020 Idaho nonresident OTC hunting tag list - posted 2 months ago

Everyone complaining and calling the IDFG a joke are part of the problem! The demand is too high, thanks in part companies like this very one we all belong to. Times are changing, game populations arent growing with the rate of all you mid western guys flooding the west. The real joke is written below in the comments "I was up at midnight and it took an hour and countless reloads to get through, but I did get a Diamond Creek tag... That being said does anyone have any inside info on where I should start looking?..I cant scout because blah blah blah" This is pathetic. You get lucky and get the tag and dont even have a clue what you just got. Research before you take someone elses tag who has an actual plan to put meat in the freezer!

Organizations unite against CO wolf reintroduction initiative - posted 5 months ago

I keep wondering when all the big names in the industry are going to start calling for all the fans to ban together, similar to what they did when jason chaffetz tried to sell off public lands. CPW and all wildlife in Colorado are going to need all the help they can get to win this battle....

Idaho considers big changes to nonresident hunting - posted 5 months ago

This is great news, its unfortunate that it has to come to this though. Too many non residents flock to ID and shoot the first forked horn buck they see resulting in poor age class and heard management, just my opinion though.

Backcountry meals that aren’t Mountain House - posted 6 months ago

I wish you wouldnt advertise OffGrid :), Ive been trying for months to get their dinners. Their site crashes every time they make a new batch. Until their larger equipment is up and running its shhhhhhhh haha.