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Colorado cracks down on illegal shed hunting - posted 12 hours ago

Hugh - they are targeting us because the hunting community today is plagued with flat brimmed hipsters who self film picking up sheds in cut off t-shirts and post all over social media. Its the dumbest thing in our world right now and its gained a shit ton of attention thanks to all of that douchery. We cant blame the Fish and Game, focus that energy on social media platforms and "famous" hunters/huntresses. I have tons of sheds and love them all an would never sell them. They should probably consider outlawing the sale of antlers in the future. Hell you cant even keep your own gull bladder of a black bear you hunted legally.

Texas hunter grabs national attention with rare Pakistan mountain goat - posted 4 days ago

Obviously I support this conservation and economic value this man helped achieve in this situation. BUT when are these wealthy folks going to learn to stop posting pictures all over the internet? Go there, share the experience with your friends and family and stay off social media. Nothing good comes of these wide spread grip and grin photos of rare animals. They are better off sharing photos of the meat they are consuming with the villagers, this is the approach the more mindful "famous" hunters out there are taking and it works a lot better to convey the message.

New South Carolina bill pushes for coyote bounty - posted 5 days ago

This dude needs a history lesson, the more you kill the more wide spread they become. Man has never had success at attempts to eradicating the coyote.

Utah couple charged with stealing hunter’s gear - posted 1 week ago

Thanks for the update Matt. Very happy to hear she lost her job!

A beginner’s guide to processing your own wild game meat - posted 3 weeks ago

Ive always butchered/processed all my big game animals, never heard of torching the deer or elk hair before. Has anyone had any negative experiences with this method? Do you just wipe the meat off after? I would think you would have to be extremely careful not to brown the meat...