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American caribou extinct in Lower 48 - posted 3 days ago

Very sad news. I always hoped that there would be a miracle for this herd of Caribou and they would rebound. Its a shame really, that no one could stop development/resource extraction and use more sound predator control for this lonely herd. Probably a lot more complicated than that as well, however.

Hunter defends viral mountain lion video and photo - posted 1 month ago

Stop.Posting.Kills.On.Social Media. Its really that simple. But even hunters are addicted to their phones and "likes" and just cant help themselves. Its getting to the point of seriously threatening everything we love to do and most importantly wildlife conservation. If you just cant help it, at least post respectable photos of meat prep rather than grip and grin trophy shots - keep those ones for your close friends, not the internet.

New South Carolina bill pushes for coyote bounty - posted 1 month ago

Sorry the link got cut off in original post.

New South Carolina bill pushes for coyote bounty - posted 1 month ago

Predators like Grizzlies and Wolves that are much less adaptable were the only predators ever successfully eradicated. It doesnt take a high school diploma to see this with ones own eyes, which is why I am so surprised that this South Carolina bill is being pushed by a senator. You would think he would understand history and wildlife management before he pushes such bill.

New South Carolina bill pushes for coyote bounty - posted 1 month ago

Gary H. Here is a good article to start with -

Towards the end is where they talk about coyotes. "North Dakota ended its coyote bounty in 1961.

By then, although wolves were extirpated from the state, it was apparent the bounty system was having no real effect on coyote and fox numbers, so the program was discontinued,” said Stephanie Tucker, furbearer biologist for the North Dakota Game and Fish Department, in an interview with the Bismark Tribune. “In Nebraska, coyote numbers continued to rise although a bounty system had been in place for 68 years.”