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Judge restores federal protections to grizzly bears - posted 1 year ago

The motives behind the suit frustrate me beyond belief and I don’t like the decision because I don’t think delisting places the population at higher risk and other species need resources under ESA. I’m not a lawyer, but I read the court’s ruling and it appeared to me as though the USFWS lawyers got out played by the opposing team. The plaintiffs picked the right arguments and understood the previous case law well enough to put the court in a position that they were forced to rule they way they did. I’m sure there will be an appeal and I agree with one of the other posts that they’ll eventually be delisted but unfortunately other priority species that aren’t as charismatic will suffer in the meantime. ESA definitely needs some reform to avoid this standard routine of non-stop litigation.

Utah couple charged with stealing hunter’s gear - posted 1 year ago

What bothers me the most about this is that his wife is an assistant attorney for the city and she's just strolling along with her husband as he commits a felony. This must be a PR nightmare for the city..realizing one of their attorneys has zero credibility. I hope the get the maximum punishment.

Colorado lawmakers propose 2018 Hunting, Fishing, & Parks for Future Generations Act - posted 1 year ago

My apologies, the full URL didn't post properly for the License History doc. Correct URL below.

Colorado lawmakers propose 2018 Hunting, Fishing, & Parks for Future Generations Act - posted 1 year ago

Below are a couple links to some documents from CPW with some facts that may answer the question from the previous post regarding where the money is coming from and where it is going.

I think it's important to note the debacle that CO is in when it comes to license pricing. My understanding is that CPW has been legally restricted from adjusting resident license fees, but are authorized to adjust non-resident license fees, which can impact the disparity between resident and non-resident licenses. The last time resident license costs were increased was 2005. They are only asking for an $8 increase in order to keep up with inflation. I personally, don't think that's unreasonable.

That doesn't necessarily address the question of non-consumptive users like wildlife watchers, photographers, etc. that don't equally contribute to the same resource managed by CPW for their enjoyment. If you look at the numbers, 1.7 million licenses sold, but 13.6 million visitors to state parks, you've gotta ask how we can tap into the non-consumptive users to help fund future efforts. I'm not sure simply raising State Park pass fees is enough given management responsibilities CPW has across the state.

I'm 100% comfortable with an $8 increase in license fees, but I'd like to see some more discussion on generating additional non-consumptive user revenue as well.

A vaccine for CWD? - posted 1 year ago

Brady, thanks for the follow up. The Facebook post is extremely interesting, and goes to show that we still have a lot to learn about CWD. If there's a bacterial component to CWD manifestation it might provide some additional options for treatment/prevention. Look forward to hearing more. Thanks again.