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10 people just won a Canyon Cooler - Outfitter 75 - posted 2 years ago

Hell yeah!! That's what I am taking thing I can say is that I am excited to have won this great gift .go hunt .com is a class A outfit the guys at go hunt are the real deal.THANKs GO HUNT.

5 people just won a full set of First Lite clothing - posted 2 years ago

WISH I could wear that cool looking outfit.congrats to all you guys and good luck out in the field

4 people just won a Browning X-Bolt Long Range Hunter rifle - posted 3 years ago

Congrats guys! Nice rifle great start to the New Year!!

Idaho Moose Unit 78 - posted 3 years ago

Being from Nevada an buying a otc tag for elk for the last three years in 78 I always run into moose bulls any where from 2 or 3 .good luck out in the field.