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High conflict year for Wyoming grizzlies - posted 2 weeks ago

Everytime I hear that Judges name I cringe. How arrogant and irresponsible can a single individual be, to think they know whats best for a state in which they neither live in or represent? Oh wait, its the snowflake generation where bears have rights bad

A beginner’s guide to processing your own wild game meat - posted 3 weeks ago

I have never tried using a torch to remove hair, interesting. I have used an air hose (air compressor) to remove hair, dirt, ect.. and that worked too.

Wyoming considers new regulations for shed hunting - posted 3 weeks ago

Sorry to be "That Guy" but, I think you meant to say that: "In most parts of the West, shed hunting is NOT permitted between Jan. 1 and May 1
"To protect wintering big game, a Wyoming Game and Fish Commission regulation prohibits anyone from collecting shed antlers or horns on public land, such as U.S. Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management lands and Wyoming Game and Fish Commission owned or administered lands west of the Continental Divide, excluding the Great Divide Basin, from Jan. 1 through April 30 of each year."

Wyoming bowhunter starts hunting ethics nonprofit - posted 1 month ago

WY natives should "Insulate" this gentlemen's narrative. I feel confident most Outfitters there don't share his "Ethic`s Police" ideology, nor do they or the State of WY desire to terminate Non Resident revenue garnered from license sales.

Personally, I think he`s a clown shoe...

Wyoming Big Game Deer Unit 81 - posted 1 month ago

Thanks for the info Stephen, I'm a non resident so no wilderness. Wyoming has great elk hunting everywhere ive been, but this area will be my first time. Feel free to hit me under private message- dont want the world to know exactly how horrible this area is , Lol