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goHUNT update on COVID-19 plus state by state updates - posted 5 days ago

All- watch the video.

New Wyoming shed hunting regulations in effect - posted 6 days ago


Here is a video you should watch regarding quarintine:

MT temporarily suspends hunter ed classes - will impact new people applying for permits - posted 2 weeks ago

Im embarresed by americans who blindly obey GOV guidance like sheep. The military has nearly stopped working, economy has crashed, and gov will is challenging civil liberties and noone is pushing back.

Stop the madness: dont fear a virus. The news is spinning the truth and instilling fear for political influence. If your old- I get it. Everyone else needs to stand up and say im not afraid

Government takes on active role in grizzly bear management - posted 2 weeks ago

What orginization/unit are you a SGM in? We all are dying to know

Wolves are definitely back in Colorado - posted 2 weeks ago

Lets work together on the wolves- bruce is right its irresponsible comments guys.