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Idaho considers big changes to nonresident hunting - posted 2 months ago

Bad news for Idaho if this goes thru.

California becomes first state to ban commercial fur trapping - posted 2 months ago

So, whoever developed the title is implying other states will soon follow?

MFWP euthanizes grizzly bear in Region 5 - posted 3 months ago

Question: Is this an observable increase in depredation? If yes, has this been coorelated to the increase of Grizzly populations?


FWS restores federal protections to Yellowstone grizzlies - posted 3 months ago

I wish gohunt would bin all these emotionally charged articles so I could simply avoid accidentally reading the BS.

Our nation will fall if laws are made upon emotions; # stop the snowflakes

Idaho study finds mountain lions kill more elk than wolves - posted 4 months ago

And yes, I read horne report and nothing / zero mention / of the inferrence made in the headline that mnt kions kill more elk than wolves.

Furthermore, Hornes study identified that wolf harvest doea not reduce wolf numbers.
,However, it is important to realize that even when harvest is additive, this does not necessarily mean harvest will reduce population size because abundance is also a function of recruitment. We observed a decrease in pack size after harvest was implemented, but this effect was short‐lived; pack sizes returned to pre‐harvest levels as harvest rate declined. Thus, the level of harvest may be more important for understanding the effect of harvest on wolf populations than simply whether or not there is harvest (Adams et al. 2008)."

And "Effective wolf management requires that agencies have management prescriptions that can be easily implemented, have a significant effect on populations, and whose outcomes are predictable."