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April Giveaway Winners Announced: 5 People Just Won A Mathews VERTIX Bow Setup - posted 4 months ago

Would you guys be willing to say how many Insiders there are out there? Just curious as to my odds to win one of these drawings someday.......:) Thanks in advance

Lyme Disease: My story on diagnosing and managing this disease - posted 4 months ago

Thanks for sharing. Hope you continue to find more relief and healing. How deep was the tick you pulled out? Way buried or just kind of on your skin? We've had some deep ones in the past.....

ALERT: Wyoming 2018 Preference Point Deadline Approaching - posted 10 months ago

Thanks for the reminder, I just bought my pts.....but can't remember how many I have and was trying to figure out how to log in to do that. I know this is unrelated.....Does anyone know how I can look up how many pts I have on the WYO site?

Wyoming Elk Unit 89 - posted 1 year ago

Ok cool. Thanks Trail. That makes sense. Do you get a point when you apply for a tag or just if you don't draw it? Meaning, If I have 2 pts right now, do I get a 3rd point when I apply for this year? Or will I be applying with 2 points?

Wyoming Elk Unit 89 - posted 1 year ago

If I have 2 pts as a non res and I only want to hunt archery do I put in for the general tag and then buy an archery stamp so I can hunt in Sept? Is it a pick one or the other type thing in terms of hunting in Sept during bow season or Oct during rifle? Thanks