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IDFG killed over 200 elk for depredation study last year - posted 2 months ago

Now the IDFG wants to spend $408,000 to count wolves... Imagine what $531,000 spent on habitat and elk research could do. Just to give you an idea of the management in this state, Unit 26 in the Frank Church most recent elk survey counted 300 elk (they killed 206 for a "research project") Let that sink in.

IDFG killed over 200 elk for depredation study last year - posted 2 months ago

If you were curious and didn't see it anywhere else, at the cost of $123,000 (sportsman funding) not counting the federal funding.

New bill could make wolf hunting year-round in Idaho - posted 2 months ago

As we all know, hunting is not an effective management tool for the wolf. There are a few here that think the wolf is a good idea. Once you have picked the Calif. sand out of your toes come on out and live with this "majestic" animal you think you love. Seriously, I will take you right in to the places they live so that you can all howl together. Make it through the winter and 7 feet of snow with nothing to eat but each other I will also take you to those places that the Grizzly Bear roam. Yep, no charge, I will put you right in the middle of the elk calving grounds for what is left of the Teton elk herd while the griz is feasting on afterbirth and the newborn calves. Face it, if the IDFG would have killed 206 wolves rather than 206 elk for a "research project" we would be much better off. Problem is politics and the fact that that no matter what side you are on the wolf is a cash cow. Selling 15 wolf tags, who cares, look at the harvest rates. This is last ditch knowing that they already screwed up. Hunters don't kill enough wolves to cover the reproductive rates every year. IDFG is allowing us to purchase more tags with the $$$ in mind, not biology. Wake up, make your voice heard at meetings and raise hell.

IDFG killed over 200 elk for depredation study last year - posted 2 months ago

Idaho is a fence out state. The legislature has allowed this to get out of hand which is no surprise considering they appoint the IDFG. The landowners now own the IDFG and they bow down to every request. There is something in the IDFG about having a responsibility to the sportsman, but I'm sure it is buried deep and the landowners are holding the shovel.

Government ordered to review grizzly bear protections - posted 3 months ago

How bout Cali, isn't that on their flag? Maybe they can enjoy the majesty of taking their kids for a walk in the woods knowing that these wonderful animals are walking with them...