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Will elk return to northeast Minnesota? - posted 2 months ago

Charles do you live in Minnesota? because I do. there is more than 2,600 confirmed wolves in just the area counted . which only accounts for half of their current inhabited area. Midwest states have tried to delist the wolves to manage them. However some judge that dosent know crap about the wolves thinks there still in need of recovery. I live 30 minutes north of the twin cities, we have wolves in my backyard. This has never been wolf country and is 100 + miles south of where the state counts wolves.

Will elk return to northeast Minnesota? - posted 3 months ago

Thomas, that's why they are wanting to introduce elk to NE MN. the wolves have eaten all the deer!!

Our biggest giveaway of the year — The 12 Days of INSIDER - posted 3 months ago

Let's see if I can win 2 years in a row!!

New Mexico Big Game Unit 16B - posted 11 months ago

Any outfitter recommendations for this unit? My dad drew 1st archery.

2015 Wyoming mule deer poaching case solved - posted 11 months ago

Not just Wyoming, everywhere.