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The science behind the mule deer rut - posted 3 years ago

I personally don't know what could have helped my recent 3rd season Colorado rifle hunt! The weather definitely had an impact on this hunt, it was 60 degrees at 11,00 ft. The bucks just wouldn't come down from the high country and had no interest in the doe's whatsoever. The only bucks I saw with the gals were a few little two points. No matter how many times we rattled, called, hiked into the dark timber, open hill sides or the low sage areas, they weren't budging! In fact, the doe's would answer and come to our calls without a buck insight. I've never seen anything like it. We talked with several other hunters, both local and from out of state like us, and they were all having the same problem. Strange and frustrating season to say the least, but still a blast! I'm just grateful I got to go, and like my hubby said...."there's no crying in hunting":)