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Brady Miller's backcountry hunting gear list breakdown - revisited for 2017 - posted 2 years ago

Great gear list Brady. I see why in the youtube videos the other guys at GoHunt joke that you could sleep on a rock, haha. I'm jealous, as I pick up a lot more weight in my sleep system, I even pack a thermarest UL cot. For me, its worth every ounce for a great night sleep.

I actually had a couple of questions about your bow setup. At 6'4, how do you run a Halon X? I'm 6'3 and my DL is 31.5. You look tall and lanky like me, I would have guessed you were easily as long a DL as me, if not longer. Also, how many different arrows did you test before you settled on the Black Eagles? I want to switch to a smaller diameter arrow (from Gold Tip Pro Hunters) and was wondering if you had any general comments about arrow setup and selection.


Wyoming Elk Unit 59 - posted 3 years ago

I'm going to take that as a yes, I guess.

Wyoming Elk Unit 59 - posted 3 years ago

Hello Brandon,

Does that mean the draw odds are somewhat misleading, and as a non-resident with zero points I do not have a 100% chance of drawing as the odds state? If I read what you said correctly, as I have no preference points, I actually have a zero percent chance to draw. Can you please clarify this for me? Also, I assume this is the same for unit 56. Would that be correct?