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Lead ammunition ban defeated in Colorado - posted 5 years ago

If You would have researched the lead ban's history, especially what was passed in calif you would have found that the Game and fish there along with pita liars withheld info, that said there was no proof about the lead ammo hurting the Condors or any other animal or fish!. Are you writing a biased article? A small retraction / correction at the back of a newspaper does not work . Rewrite the entire article after you have did proper research,we do not need any half done article to help anti-gun, anti-hunter, anti-fishermen!
The issue won't go away because pita anti's have $$$millions to spend of false info, and you keep printing there half truths.

Bighorn numbers across 6 states - posted 5 years ago

Get your head out of the sand, Wolves are what is Killing off the Big Horns!!!