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Backcountry necessities - posted 6 months ago

Good article with great advice.

Idaho considers big changes to nonresident hunting - posted 8 months ago

Gonna be honest here. I hunted one of the most heavily hunted units in southeast Idaho last year and never even saw another hunter after I parked my truck and hiked in. Idaho can do what they want but the tag numbers are capped for NR already. Idaho's growing population is the problem not non-residents. I live in the west so this doesn't affect me all that much but at what point are the guys who live out here going to realize if we shut out NR completely we lose support for public lands out here.

2019 Colorado leftover hunting license list now available - posted 9 months ago

Stupid question...... From what I understood these tags are available to both resident and non-resident?

BELOW ZERO - A Colorado 3rd Season Mule Deer Hunt - posted 9 months ago

Nothing like freezing your ass off hunting mule deer in November in the high mountains! It either turns you into an addict or makes you sell your bow/rifle and pick up golf as a hobby.

Court upholds Utah’s decision to relocate La Sal Mountains’ nonnative mountain goats - posted 1 year ago

I have not looked into this enough to have an opinion. I was chuckling because it sounded very to similar to how pissed we hunters get when the environmental groups introduce a predator like the wolf where it hasn't been in decades, and it drastically changes the herd dynamics of the ungulates.