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The complete packing guide for frontcountry elk camps - posted 3 years ago

Ross- laughin man! Honestly, I don't know that there is such a thing as packing too much teepee. Thanks Ross! Got a good chuckle there.

APPLICATION STRATEGY 2016: Kansas Deer - posted 3 years ago

Barry- Yes Kansas is not friendly to nonresident mule deer hunters. Access to quality ground is expensive on-top of the tag cost. Not the most friendly arrangement for a state that in general produces only a few really excellent bucks per year.

The 28 day grind bowhunting elk in Nevada - posted 3 years ago


Nevada landowner elk vouchers range in price greatly. In the big scheme of things, there really aren't that many to begin with and pricing varies annually. Prices range anywhere from $8K to upwards of $15K. Dave Loescher wrote an interesting piece on the tag prices and application costs. You can view this article:

Thank you for the kind words and comment. - Stephen S.

How to keep your mind right on a long hunt - posted 3 years ago

Great input there guys. Totally agree on the vehicle prep. Just as important as packing your bow or gun!

A look inside the hunters' library - posted 4 years ago


Thank you for adding to the reading list! I haven't read that one and will definitely add it to my packing list for my fall hunts. I tried to cast a broad net with this list highlighting one historical text (Roosevelt), a more modern author (Rinella), classic conservation (Leopold), modern adventure (Krakauer), and a more modern text on a historical hunting figure (Lattimer).

Another one I really enjoyed was "Into Africa: The Epic Adventures of Stanley and Livingstone" by Martin Dugard. This one is available through iTunes in the audiobook format. I always find myself listening to it on the long drives that come with hunting season.

Thanks again Matt and good luck this fall!