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ALERT: New bill will severely impact nonresident hunters in WY - posted 1 month ago

I did enjoy trying to draw NR tags, and I got lucky a few times, but the increased cost and constant dicking around by western states is making it more and more difficult (my state included). I understand what they are trying to do, and with that the burning of points will commence.

I feel for ya GoHunt because I don't expect this to increase your membership numbers. I'll likely drop my subscription after my paid year is used.

Good luck to those sticking in the game. Hunt hard and be thankful.

Wolves spotted in Colorado - posted 2 months ago

If you get a chance please inform your friends/family/co-workers about this sighting and others. We don't need FORCED wolf re-introduction and having them know that natural migration is occurring will help at the ballot box.

CPW increases hunting and fishing revenue by almost 20% - posted 2 months ago

If you want to hunt a pumpkin patch, come to Colorado and hunt OTC 2nd and 3rd season.

Washington State cancels wolf meetings - posted 6 months ago

I was NOT saying it was antifa. Forgot to add that NOT in the last statement. Excuse me.

Washington State cancels wolf meetings - posted 6 months ago

I’m saying it was antifa Michael. That’s why I used the word “like.” Shit human beings “like” them use the threat of violence to stop proper adult dialogue.