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The importance of rifle dry fire practice at home and while you’re hunting - posted 7 months ago

I was also wondering what bipod that was...

New South Carolina bill pushes for coyote bounty - posted 1 year ago

Gary H. you can do some google searches, there are a lot of peer reviewed scientific articles about coyote control, and it's efficacy. Ray Alcorn's book "Coyote Man" also provides a lot of interesting insight, but it's a lengthy read. One of the reasons they are so hard to impact is that they are population dependent breeders, removal of adults causes increased breeding activities in a larger percentage of the population, which leads to a boom cycle in the population as a whole. I'm an avid coyote hunter, and trapper, and problem coyotes can be mitigated, and timely targeted removal can have some impact on fawn recruitment, but extirpation is beyond difficult, and there is a long history of bounties being less than effective.

Colorado cracks down on illegal shed hunting - posted 1 year ago

I don't think they are trying to shut down public lands to all activities, but if by postponing the activities they can reduce the amount of pressure the animals are subjected to during a critical survival period, I would think hunter support would be strong. I like sheds too, but I like hunting opportunities more, and if missing out on some sheds means more opportunities in the fall, then so be it.

New South Carolina bill pushes for coyote bounty - posted 1 year ago

Yeah...this isn't going to work at all, and there is plenty of research out there showing it won't. Transient populations, population dependent breeding, and the incredible adaptability of the species means it's there to stay. Targeted control during fawning season may help, but it's not a war they are going to win...and this is coming from someone who really enjoys calling coyotes.