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Hunting application strategies: optimize and extend your season - posted 1 month ago

Nice article. However don't lose sight of the other ways we enjoy hunting year round. For example preparing the meat we harvested for friends and family to enjoy every week all year round. Keeping fit in the offseason using planned hunting trips as motivation. Gathering wild foods such as mushrooms or berries while scouting. Etc.

No more federal protections for gray wolves? - posted 1 year ago

Utah Elk Limited Entry North Slope & Three Corners - posted 1 year ago

Muzzleloader and rifle seasons appear to be switched?

Oregon poachers arrested following Facebook post - posted 2 years ago

Penalties are way too weak

APPLICATION STRATEGY 2017: Idaho Sheep, Moose, Goat - posted 2 years ago

For nonresident unit 5 moose the draw odds don't match between the two tables?