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2019 Wyoming And Arizona Draw Odds Now Available - posted 10 months ago

There are numerous errors in these draw odds, common Trail Bro, don't do me like this. 63 antelope was not 100% at zero points in either type 1 or type 2 tags. There are several others, it appears to me your data has issues in units that have type 2 tags listed in the odds.....

A first for everything - posted 1 year ago

Erik S, you dont know what your talking about. Go be the internet police somewhere else.

A first for everything - posted 1 year ago

I appreciate the location data on the pics lol

New lawsuit tries to shut down Colorado’s controversial predator management program - posted 1 year ago

They are fighting it so hard because they know the results will show it works. They are terrified of the truth coming to light.

Nevada big game unit 031 - posted 1 year ago

Bryan B, how was your hunt in 31?