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Wasted meat leads to serious penalties - posted 3 years ago

I think that the post from 12-01-2014 of the "American Hunter" is outrageous all in itself. Those guys (Hunter Tallerico and guide Abe Dougan) ruined their own lives, it wasn't the authorities doing. Luckily they got caught. The animals are not stupid, and a statement like this is proof of the sheer ignorance and disrespect for wildlife on the "American Hunter's" part. The six hour rule is there in order to guarantee "Fair Chase" as animals can be spotted on a flight in, chased and shot, a practice that is illegal in Canada and in most places in the US as far as I know. And thank God, it is. Furthermore, the guide, Abe Dougan, was fully aware of all the rules, and chose to violate them. As far as I am concerned, men like him should have no business guiding in the first place. One more thing, I don't care how much money that client paid for his hunts, no money is enough to violate the rules, and fines imposed by our courts, are not ridiculous, they are there so hunting isn't becoming a free for all as suggested by our friend, the "American Hunter" who thinks hunters are entitled to game. It is hunting, buddy, and sometimes you get skunked. I know that, because i am a hunter myself and I am o.k. with that part of hunting. So suck it up!
Kudos to the Yukon's Fish and Game Association for taking these guys to task.
Canadian Hunter