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The skinny on sleeping pads - posted 2 months ago

I’m 6’4, 200, complete side sleeper and run a normal, but this year I’ll I’m gonna try a wide. If the extra couple ounces let’s me sleep without being restless and at least 4 hours...I’ll take it.

Technology in hunting - How to use it best - posted 7 months ago

Good article. It’s imporant for us as sportsman to police ourselves. We should set the standards high enough that there is need for others too in our place. It’s sinply our turn to supervise this resource.
We can improve the pump but we need to improve the well also.

Three of a kind - An Arizona elk hunt - posted 7 months ago

Great story. I look forward to a similar experience some day.

Building a clothing system for a September elk hunt - posted 7 months ago

The neck gaiter is often an under utilized piece. Keeps the warm in, the sun off, covers my pale face when needed. Fold over a few times and cover your eyes for a good mid day nap.

Utah bowhunter attacked by mountain lion - posted 7 months ago

I guess I will no longer be reading the comments.
I appreciate folks like Steve Rinella who do a lot of outreach to the non-hunters. The fact is that there are simply more of them then us and it’s incumbent upon us to educate and build bridges.

That being said I appreciated this forum to be a “hunter safe zone”, discussing hunting topics with like minded folks. I think there is a time and place for all discourse. I’m just not too interested in mixing it up here with antagonists.

Anyway to make limit comments to paying members? I guess if you want to put skin in the game I can’t argue with you.
Just sad to this this comment strain here.