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Tactics for bowhunting rutting mule deer - posted 5 days ago

@Brandon P.

I couldn't agree more Brandon! The information in Dwight's books are timeless. Love that stuff.

Why hunter recruitment is important - posted 2 weeks ago

@Marc M.

Hey, thanks Marc! I'm sorry you feel that way about public land. In my eyes, public land is gold, and there is plenty of good hunting to be had on it. Hunting numbers are declining each year it seems, so I think hunter recruitment is important in order to, not add more hunters to the pile that already exist, but to even out our numbers for the future, while taking into account the decline. More and more kids aren't growing up with the outdoors as a regular part of their lives. Think about what that means for the future of hunting. Without public land, these kids aren't going to have anywhere to hunt. Without that opportunity, they will cease to exist in the hunting world. There are PLENTY of hunters each and every year that make some irreplaceable memories on public land each year and fill their freezers in the process. Hunter Recruitment and public lands are the very security of our way of life. I know you are speaking just about Montana, but I doubt it is any different than any other western state. Colorado gets a bad rap all of the time, but I can tell you it's an amazing place that holds amazing opportunity, as many other places throughout the west. Good luck out there this season Marc!

Why hunter recruitment is important - posted 2 weeks ago

@Isaac W.

Issac! That is so great to hear! Congrats to your friend and good on you for getting them out in the field! Glad you liked the article!

How to pull off an out-of-state backpack hunt on a budget - posted 2 months ago

@Jesse E.

Hey, Jesse! Yes, I do! I will make a big batch in a crockpot. That will usually yield around 5 servings for me. I'll put each of those servings out on one of my trays from a dehydrator. Spread it super thin and then turn the sucker on. Usually takes like 9 hours or so to fully dehydrate the chili. Awesome in the field though. Home cooked meal!

Backcountry meals that aren’t Mountain House - posted 2 months ago

@Jay K.

You had me at breakfast tacos. : )