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My approach to Arizona OTC winter archery deer hunts - posted 1 week ago

@Vincent a.

VERY nice! Congratulations on your buck! Hard to beat Arizona during that time of year. Best of luck in the future!

The backlash that comes from bear hunting - posted 2 weeks ago

@Sean B.

Thanks Sean! Definitely some things to think about.

Things to bear in mind with bear meat - posted 3 weeks ago

@Donna N.

Hey, there Donna! Sorry to hear about those roasts. I've actually never done that method before. My favorite way to make a bear roast is by searing(or not) and placing the roast in a crockpot on high. I submerge the roast in stock and let it go until the internal temp reaches 200 degrees. This usually takes about 8 hours. At that temp, it'll shred. We make green chili bear tacos and burritos out of that. Maybe try searing, then tenting the roast in the oven at a higher temperature?

I know trichinosis dies immediately at 170, but it also dies at lower temperatures over a longer period of time. There are some charts out there that'll break that down. How long at each temp it takes the little worms to die. Hope that helps and better luck next time! The bears sure are yummy!

3 tips to help you on your first backpack hunt - posted 3 weeks ago

@Brian C.

Dude! That is so killer! Way to get after it and have a good hunt. Colorado is amazing isn't it? Best of luck in the future!

3 tips to help you on your first backpack hunt - posted 3 weeks ago

@Isaac W.

I've ran Exo packs for years and they are pretty darn good at what you're talking about.