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Looking for a spring bear hunt that's different than the norm? - posted 4 weeks ago

@Jacob T.

Insider must not have it listed for some reason. I assure you there is an OTC general spring tag, as it's going on right now. It closes May 2nd I believe in most areas.

Mouth watering javelina taco recipe - posted 2 months ago

@Bendrix B.

Hey, bud! Thanks for checking out the recipe and I hope you enjoy it! Glad you had a good experience with your javi! As far as the trichinosis thing goes, I'm with you. Not entirely sure about it. I did some digging some years back and remember finding some stuff that eluded to the possibility of them carrying it, but never found any reports of someone getting the trich from a javi. I honestly have just always cooked the heck out of them in a crock or roasting pan, so the temp is always above 200 by the time I get to shredding. I'm interested as well in this, as I heard Steve talking about it on his podcast recently. If anyone would like to chime in, I'm all ears as well. Thanks again Bendrix!

No time to hunt? The balance between the sacrifice and the reward - posted 2 months ago

@Darin C.

Thanks Darin! Good luck this season!

The skinny on sleeping pads - posted 2 months ago

@James B.

Hey, James! I havent had any experience with that exact pad, but I've used gear from Nemo for years and they've always been solid. Good luck!

Three ways to get your backcountry hunting setup lighter - posted 3 months ago

@Jon U.

Thanks for the tip Jon! I'll keep that in mind!