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Case closed: three sentenced to illegally killing elk in Nevada and Utah - posted 2 years ago

poaching will not end till it is a lifetime loss of hunting privileges in every state. lets getter done.

Wyoming group takes aim at "trophy hunting" - posted 2 years ago

Cody and Jackson is not all of Wyoming most of the hunters I know cant wait to hunt a backyard Griz. not having to fly to Alaska or Canada.

New study finds cow elk learn to avoid hunters - posted 2 years ago

if you hunt elk this is not news.

Yellowstone grizzly bears lose federal protections - posted 2 years ago

I 2nd its about time

Study claims: Wyoming mule deer herd impacted by gas and oil development - posted 2 years ago

Mr. Sawyer did you take into account the game and fish had a doe season most if not all of your study time?? 2 The B.L.M. CLOSED hundreds of miles of prime lion and coyote hunting to vehicle travel giving predators free rain from Jan.1 to May 1 every year add a new predator to the mix WOLVES AND THEY ARE PERTECTED !! I live in this area and have seen the deer carcasses on the highway. In the last year a few miles of high fence and over pass have been built out of hundreds of miles. NOT ENOUGH. This is nothing more than an attack on the oil and gas industry. If your going to do a study at least make it unbiased. a lot more is at work in the loss of our deer population, mismanagement and predators being my first pick.