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New mule deer record in Texas? - posted 1 month ago

Congrats Greg !!

February Giveaway Winners: 40 People Just Won A Marsupial Gear Bino Pack - posted 11 months ago

Awesome guys, I was beginning to think I was blackballed :). Thanks a bunch, it will be much appreciated.


2018 Colorado bighorn sheep hunt - posted 1 year ago

Brandon- that was a great story...thx for posting it. BTW I knew your Dad from the MDF in
years past in CO, and I'm very sorry to hear about your loss. He was the nucleus of a great
team way back and I miss him.

Again....congrats on a great ram! I've gotten 2 in CO, but too old now....yours puts both to shame


Wyoming deflects negative comments aimed at grizzly bear hunt - posted 1 year ago

I would imagine that if all of the input was limited to Wyoming residents (as it should be, this is a WYOMING issue that affects residents of WYOMING 99% of the time, and 1% all of the Natl Park visitors) that the numbers would be vastly different. All of these LOBBYISTS need to understand the reality: in order for the grizzlies to survive, they need an innate fear of humans. That's the way it always has been, and always will be. For goodness sakes, the tourists in Yellowstone probably run over more griz in their speeding SUVs every year than the annual quota in this hunt.