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Over 1,000 animals poached in Utah in 2019 - posted 4 months ago

Brennan A.- You are exactly right! If it doesn't change, poaching will be the least of our worries.

Multiple uses for your trekking poles - posted 5 months ago

Anthony Wright, I would also like to know which shelter is in the second photo that KJ H asked about. Thanks!

Idaho considers big changes to nonresident hunting - posted 8 months ago

WOW! At a time when hunter numbers are plummeting and we are on the precipice of obscurity as a population segment, I'm disappointed in us as hunters. What will it take for us to advocate for opportunity for all and any who want to hunt? Do we really have to lose it all before we get past our own self serving interests? Come on Idaho Resident Hunters, have you really lost sight of how good you have it that you'd rather complain to IDGF than welcome Nonresident hunters even if that means you have to work a tiny bit harder and walk a mile away from your ATV?

If so, enjoy it while it lasts because we won't have hunting around for much longer!

goHUNT gives back 2% for Conservation - posted 2 years ago

Thank you Lorenzo! Glad to see you as a 2% company. I have changed my family's hunting clothing purchases to one that is a 2% Member and away from one that declined to become a member. If a company doesn't support conservation, should we really be supporting them with our purchasing power??

New Mexico Big Game Unit 34 - posted 2 years ago

Hey fellow GoHunt members(Cj W, Adrian A. or others)!
I am in beautiful New Mexico at the moment and would be very grateful for any help on this Barbary Sheep hunt. To keep your generous gesture private please text me directly at 801-949-8005.
Thank you!