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Tips for locating water sources in Arizona - posted 3 months ago

Thanks, nice tips especially on getting insight from backpackers. I have found others not necessarily hunters also play a huge part in scraping the info out.

Show season - My favorites from the 2019 ATA show - posted 8 months ago

When is the 1/3 SCALE WOODLAND ELK available for purchase?

Arizona Big Game Unit 27 - posted 10 months ago

How is the late archery Hunt seems like you get a good crack at the bulls before the over crowded rifle hunters move in. Only 5% better odds than early archery at 4 points as a Resident.

Colorado Big Game Unit 54 - posted 1 year ago

Yah I would be curious how fast those caps get filled. 26 tags 9/2 - 9/20, 45 9/8 - 9/16.

Colorado Big Game Unit 54 - posted 1 year ago

@william c. this is a draw unit for bear. was hoping to draw also but came up short.