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Brad A.

APPLICATION STRATEGY 2020: Wyoming Elk - posted 1 month ago

Am I reading that unit 22-1 has a bull to cow ratio of 362:100 ? Is this a typo ?

Brad A.

Pre-application planning for the 2020 hunting season - posted 1 month ago

Im also curious when the deadline post will be available, that’s always useful to me I always screen shot it to make sure I have all my deadlines.

Also I can’t find where the filtering 2.0 is for cow elk in Nevada ?

Brad A.

April INSIDER Giveaway: 5 Mathews VERTIX Bows! - posted 10 months ago

I could use this giveaway! Since I’m Bow less.

Brad A.

Day 12 — The 12 Days of INSIDER giveaway — 12 Mystery Ranch Pintlers - posted 1 year ago

Last chance for me to win something and first to to win hopefully !

Brad A.

Montana Deer and Elk Application Strategy — Q&A Video - posted 1 year ago

Thank you for clarifying that for me I just wanted to make sure there wasn’t more tags out there that I could easily apply for! Thanks for the response.