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KUIU sues Eastman’s Publishing, Inc. for fraud - posted 3 years ago

I'll say this I initially liked KUIU and the story, but after receiving my attack pants i realized thr quality isn't there yet. They are made and designed well, but the material is lacking durability. After just one use sitting on a couple rocks the seat of the pants had runs and snags. So, I think KUIU had gotten a little full of themselves. This doesn't mean it's right to bra taken advantage of, but there is usually two sides to the story. My money will be going to First Lite where I know the company is truly supporting thr hunter, public land and conservation.

KUIU changing camo patterns? - posted 3 years ago

I am a huge KUIU fan and run Vias because it has better long range Macro silhouette break-up. With that said I'm still not sure if this pattern is the best for deer. Studies show that deer are green and red color blind and see grays as bright blues in low light conditions. What's in Vias? Grays. Again these are studies so no one actually knows but I find it interesting. Green is basically Irrelevant in Camo patterns as they say deer see it as tans.