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June INSIDER Giveaway: 6 Mystery Ranch Beartooth 80 Backpacks! - posted 1 year ago

If I don’t win one of these I’m probably buying one anyway! Fingers crossed!


Does the cost of wild game meat pencil out? - posted 1 year ago

Certainly a thought provoking article; I certainly appreciate the spirit of it. However I feel like there's a lot of costs missing. Time-Value-of-Money is one. Assuming the US median household income of 60k/year at 8760 hours/year=$6.85/hour pretax. Thats a cost to add for every hour spent preparing, traveling, hunting and processing. A top tier set of optics could buy a cow each year and feed my family for 2-3 years easily. The same could be said for all other gear. Obviously gear costs get diluted thru many years of use, but there's just more to consider.

There's a reason hunting is called 'The Sport of Kings.'

Don't let your significant others see this post, not trying to spoil the party.


Yellowstone bighorn sheep infected with sore mouth disease - posted 2 years ago

That ol' boy needs some valtrex.


8 tips for new hunters to break the learning curve - posted 2 years ago

Great write up! Getting in shape has got to be the best ROI on the list.


Technology and hunting — When do advancements go too far? - posted 3 years ago

Lance, these already exist. You can snow ski and wakeboard behind drones. That's a grown man plus board and resistance. They're about 17 g's.