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Alexander K.

Organizations unite against CO wolf reintroduction initiative - posted 2 months ago

I urge Colorado citizens to sign the petition on the Colorado Stop the Wolf Coalition website and give if you can. In it's simplest form, a ballot proposition that takes power away from the wildlife managers at CPW is inherently flawed (e.g., British Columbia Bear Ban).

Alexander K.

Trail Kreitzer’s 2019 “Year of the elk” archery hunting gear list - posted 3 months ago

Trail, have you had issues with condensation using a bivy sack, especially around the foot box?

Alexander K.

Washington approves blaze pink law - posted 7 months ago

@marcus t. I completely agree with you. I am sure they will charge more for the blaze pink attire ("pink tax").

Alexander K.

What’s the best way to pack game meat: Bone in or bone out? - posted 11 months ago

@Nick S. Jay Scott and Chris Roe did a great set to videos that show a detailed Gutless Method and how to leave proof of sex for both cows and bulls. They can be found on youtube:

While online instruction is not as good as on-the-ground practical instruction, this series is the best I have found.

Alexander K.

A quick and easy way to carry more arrows on a backcountry bowhunt - posted 1 year ago

Thanks Brady, have you considered putting a couple of arrows without broadheads into the main compartment of your pack? I'd be interested if you have had a negative experience with that system (it's definitely lighter than carrying a dedicated arrow tube).