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Alexander K.

Washington approves blaze pink law - posted 3 months ago

@marcus t. I completely agree with you. I am sure they will charge more for the blaze pink attire ("pink tax").

Alexander K.

What’s the best way to pack game meat: Bone in or bone out? - posted 7 months ago

@Nick S. Jay Scott and Chris Roe did a great set to videos that show a detailed Gutless Method and how to leave proof of sex for both cows and bulls. They can be found on youtube:

While online instruction is not as good as on-the-ground practical instruction, this series is the best I have found.

Alexander K.

A quick and easy way to carry more arrows on a backcountry bowhunt - posted 10 months ago

Thanks Brady, have you considered putting a couple of arrows without broadheads into the main compartment of your pack? I'd be interested if you have had a negative experience with that system (it's definitely lighter than carrying a dedicated arrow tube).

Alexander K.

goHUNT gives back 2% for Conservation - posted 1 year ago

Well Done!!!

Alexander K.

Backcountry Hunters & Anglers, Patagonia and First Lite unite to save national monuments - posted 1 year ago

Great article. I called and left a message with my representative and my senator.