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Bill E.

The archer's guide to fletchings - posted 5 years ago

Great information. Additionally, I like to add one more step and "spine tune" my broad heads (expandable or fixed blade). Sometimes you will find an arrow consistently flies different .... Try turning the arrow 1/3 (rotate the arrow from the nock) and change which fletch is in the cock vein position. You will often find that this will pull in those strays in and tighten your broad head grouping. If you're lucky enough to have a Hooter Shooter at your disposal - you can tune your arrows to shot through the same hole. Burn a hole and remember that when you aim small ... You miss small.

Bill E.

Save hunters from PETA’s drones - posted 5 years ago

Isn't it ironic that PETA is allowed to use a technology that is outlawed in most states by their respective Fish and Game Departments. This type of technology has been included under the auspice of ariel reconnoitering for big game and thus illegal. So, as a would be hunter, can i use a drone to look for other would be hunters committing and illegal act - and if i just happen to see a 400 class bull in the process - ill forget i saw it while searching for the bad guys. They just want to interrupt our hunt by harassing the very animals they want to protect in their natural habitat. Nothing a #4 shot shouldn't be able to take down.