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Brad T.

Wyoming Moose Unit 38 - posted 2 years ago

Jeff: How did your hunt go?

Brad T.

Late season Arizona over-the-counter deer opportunities - posted 2 years ago

By buying an OTC deer tag, would I lose my accumulated deer points? Thank you.

Brad T.

I am severely allergic to hunting - posted 2 years ago

Chandra: Thank you for the comment. For me, mule deer seem to be a bit worse than anything else. However, elk and antelope can be just as bad. Since implementing these strategies listed above I have really cut down my allergic reactions. I have been on three elk and one antelope harvest this fall. I have only had minor symptoms of a running nose and some itchy eyes. Once again, thanks for reading the article and submitting a comment. I hope your daughter is able to tag along on all your family hunts. Thanks for getting your children involved in the outdoors. Happy hunting!

Brad T.

APPLICATION STRATEGY 2017: Wyoming Elk - posted 3 years ago

Sebastian S:

Sorry I didnt see your comment. I provided much of this content for this article. While writing some of this, my non-resident friend asked me the same question. How do I apply for a cow tag? And, Will I lose my points if I apply for and receive a cow tag? I called WGFD in Cheyenne for the answer. Here is what they told me:

Non-Residents putting in for a cow tag apply separately than they do for a bull tag. Bull tags are one application and cow tags are a different application. That application is due by May 31st. Since it is a separate application from the bull elk application, hunters will not lose or gain points when applying for cows.

Feel free to look me up via Facebook and we can chat about all the cow elk hunting opportunities in Wyoming.

Brad T.

DIY meat care: Venison beer brats - posted 4 years ago

Jeremy: Thank you for your comment. Sorry it has taken me a few days to get back to you. I have done it both ways. I would highly recommend chilling the meat before you stuff it into the casings. It will make that part of the process much more smooth. If you have any other questions, feel free to ask. Once again, thank you!